TICF’s Career Guidance Counselling for Undergraduate Students

We at TICF, have for the past 15 years, made it our priority to help students, achieve their dreams, by making them aware of educational opportunities, available beyond their curriculum.

Our main objectives are to make sure, the sacrifices made by parents, for their children’s education, are not wasted, and that the student reaches their highest potential. We aim to do this by disseminating the necessary information via our counselling sessions, so that students can make an education decision, on how they wish to proceed.

The median age in India, is currently 27, a much lower age, than can be found in developed countries such as the UK (40) and Japan (47), and even other developing countries such as China (37). This suggests that the greatest resource of our country, is our youth population, and we should make sure their potential is not limited, by the range of education opportunities they are provided with.

You, as students, tend to focus on your immediate undergraduate examinations and as a consequence miss out on information that might be equally vital in making a choice on further studies.

An important thing to remember is not to leave such an important decision to the last minute. It is vital that students expand on their existing knowledge, and accumulate skills and experience, from the beginning of their undergraduate degree, and keep up-to date on current events in their field.

Geethashri (B. Sc. B. Ed.)

It was very useful. We were not aware of so many courses before, but now we got a clear idea about courses. Total session gave me an idea on how to develop and improve my skills.

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Highlights of TICF’s Career Guidance Counselling for Undergraduate Students

  • Understand the PG career options available in their stream of interest or to change the stream after UG for employability
  • Connect to the best universities globally and learn how the faculty members teach the subjects of their interest
  • Understand the inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary PG courses available in India and abroad
  • Know and understand the current innovations and research opportunities available in their areas of interest
  • Awareness about various examinations, admission process and methodologies to be followed for preparation of examinations
Poorvash (M. Sc. Ph.D)

The session gave me a bigger and deeper view on the opportunity and prospects of studying in various prestigious Indian Institutes and also helped me gauge my probability of entering there. It also showed me options and institutes that I was totally unaware of. On a whole the counseling session also acted as a stepping stone for me to secure my place in IIT Bombay.